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SCA Background

Southall Community Alliance - background:
SCA was established in December 2000 and is an umbrella network of 100+, mainly small and new, community groups working in Southall. The majority of these groups support BMER users and represent the Somali, Indian, Tamil, Afghan communities etc. Our constituted aims are:

•To develop the skills and capacity of disadvantaged groups and communities in Southall
•To enable Southall groups to identify and meet their needs and participate more fully in society
• To promote equality, good race relations and community cohesion at a local level
• Provide facilities and activities specifically targeted at ethnic minority communities
• To bring together local businesses, residents and voluntary sector groups
• To act as a forum to represent the common interests of the community
• To develop and promote a shared vision for the regeneration of the area

There are a range of activities we arrange or deliver :

•Capacity building support for voluntary an community groups in and around Southall ie free hot desks, meeting rooms, postal address, fundraising help etc.
•Campaigning role- SCA works with residents to raise awareness of and influence local development, health inequalities, children and young people's issues and community safety •Arrange quarterly meetings of the Southall Community Forum.
• We deliver a number of projects some targeting Southall communities and others borough wide.
Projects include, health Improvement initiatives, projects aims at raising aspirations, attainment & achievement in Young People, Safeguarding young people in the context of BMER & Faith Communities, women's projects, sports & arts projects.
•SCA is involved in the regeneration of Southall through the Southall Partnership and one major project we have been closely linked with concerns the redevelopment of Spikes Bridge Park. This groundbreaking partnership project with London Tigers & Ealing Council created new sports and leisure facilities in one of Southall's main public parks.

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