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LBE Self Care Project

SCA will manage a borough wide consortia project called 'Ealing Cares' offering free self care and educational support to adults with chronic illness, long term conditions and carers. Our activities will help residents adopt healthier lifestyles by focusing upon physical activity, balanced diet/nutrition and being better able to look after their health.
The Consortia includes Ealing CVS, Acton Community Forum, GNP Federation and Lido Centre, ensuring comprehensive coverage across Ealing.
'Ealing Cares' will have 7 main elements :
1. Background Information Collection
2. Social prescribing
3. Healthy Eating
4. Volunteering/mentoring
5. Physical alertness
6. Casework
7. Complementary Pathways – available for project users
8. Accessibility – support and activity available on weekends

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Self-Care Aware see your GP or nurse

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