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Winter Pressures project

The cold months of the winter period can see a rise in ill health and increased demand on local health services. For many people their point of first contact is often their GP or in more serious cases the local A&E or Urgent Care Centre. However, residents are often unaware of other sources of assistance where help and information about health care can be obtained.

SCA and partners are involved in work to raise awareness of these alternative sources of support so that residents are informed about the options that are available to them including :

• NHS Choosing the Right Care publicity.
• Promote the 111 NHS helpline for advice and information.
• 7 day GP appointments
• Mental health support (both by West London Mental Health Trust but also key local VCS mental health groups) as an alternative to A&E and the Urgent Care Centre for people in mental health crisis
• Services available through pharmacies locally

SCA is part of a borough wide consortium delivering this work that involves : Acton Community Forum, Ealing CVS, Lido Centre and the Greenford, Northolt and Perivale Community Federation.
For further information please contact Babie Kapoor on 020 8574 8855 or at

A5 information handouts

Minor Ailments poster

Right Care Campaign Poster

Treat at home

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