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Southall Town Hall

I am writing to inform you on a very important issue that needs addressing; the sale of the Town Hall in Southall needs to be stopped and kept in community ownership.


It is an iconic building donated to local authority in middle 1840's for the use of local community uses despite of this restriction the Ealing Council is leasing it out for 250 years.  The building came to prominence in 1979 when the community rose up and confronted the National Front from holding the meeting at this building. In process over 800 people were arrested and 344 were charged; and Blair Peach died by the hands of Special Petrol Group.


This was inspiration for anti-racist struggle in whole country and indeed internationally.


Please help me by signing the petition below so that the Town Hall can go back to its rightful ownership and maintain its access for all. I will be forever thankful for your support.


Community building or not ?

Southall Town Hall is Southall's main remaining civic building. It is used by an estimated 10,000 residents annually, many community groups and range of small businesses. By anyone's definition it is a community building and asset.

However, when SCA applied to Ealing Council to register the building as a community asset we were refused. The process for making a decision is supposed to take a few weeks but in our case it took well over a year for the authority to make a decision.

This decision is even more strange when you look at those assets that have been approved by Ealing, which include a bingo hall and allotments. If these sites can be called community assets, surely Southall's main public building deserves the same attention ?

Newspaper articles

Please find attached the following articles about the future of Southall Town Hall :



Stop the sale of Southall Town Hall !


Southall Town Hall has been Southall's main civic building since it was opened in 1897. It now has 12-15,000 visitors annually, nearly all of whom are from ethnic minority backgrounds, often do not speak English and have many difficulties in accessing local public services.

In December 2016 Ealing Council approved a recommendation to dispose of Southall Town Hall. Ealing Council officers said that the building was running at a loss and would need a lot of investment in repair works.  Although there was no consultation with residents or users of the building, it was decided that the building was too expensive to run and had to be disposed of.

Ealing Council have now made it clear that they want to 'dispose' of the building by the award of a 250 year lease. The award of such a long lease means that effectively this famous public asset would cease to be a public building.

This is a community building that helps the poor and disadvantaged, provides advice, advocacy, training, employment and community services to thousands of Ealing residents annually. The Town Hall offers a space that is open to all residents regardless of race, ethnicity or faith and helps in maintaining positive community interaction.

Southall Community Alliance believes that the building can and should be managed in a different way, for the benefit of the public.

We believe that Southall Town Hall should be run as a social enterprise, providing services for residents and completely removing reliance upon the Council to finance the building in future.

This is a very important issue as Southall has sadly lost many important buildings and assets in recent years and another such loss would gravely damage the area. We hope you can support our campaign to halt any proposed sale and secure a genuine consultation with residents about the future of this wonderful historic building.

We arranged a meeting on Thursday 29th June 2017 to let people 'Have your say' about the Town Hall. 

If you would like further information or have any comments please contact us at


Support from local MP


Southall MP, Mr Virendra Sharma, has very positively supported our opposition to the proposed sale of the Town Hall and confirmed this in a letter to Ealing Council. Mr Sharma specifically mentions the need to retain community involvement at the Town Hall in response to local demands.


Please see attached letter below.


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